Our Appointments

Some of our team and our owner herself, have been that bride walking through a boutiques doors, that brides that is filled with a whole host of emotions and thoughts, sometimes full of nerves sometimes excitement but almost always full of questions, will anything fit me? Will anything suit me? Will anything be in my budget? Do I know what I want? How will I know when I find the dress?

So when we designed our bridal experience appointments we came up with five key pointers that we really wanted to carefully consider so that we had all of these questions and concerns covered. By thinking carefully about these five points we believe we can offer brides an experience which allows them to only have to be concerned with enjoying their dress shopping experience and making memories to cherish in the process.


Our Team

We all love what we do and we think that shows. We want to know all about you, your wedding and your planning journey. We work hard to make our brides and their entourage feel as welcome and comfortable as we can. Our team is constantly refreshing their knowledge of current trends and stock and have the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect dress. Our team are always keeping in touch with brides, past and present, we love having our lovely brides come back to see us. We have been incredibly honoured to attend weddings, meet beautiful new arrivals and be kept posted on all our brides exciting latest goings on. When you choose to find your dress with our team your not just making a purchase your becoming part of the team too, and that is why we love what we do!



It is of course incredibly important to have a collection that allows all brides to explore their options. If there is one thing that we always believe in here it’s that beauty has no size. Being a size 6, 16 or 26 shouldn’t change the selection, choice and experience a bride is offered. We stock samples in all sizes, shapes and styles. We are incredibly lucky to work with incredible designers from all over the world. All of which believes just as much as we do that all brides deserve to have any shape, style, trend, fabric or detail on offer.



We always want to make sure that brides leave knowing that they have had the time to make a fully informed and well considered decision. We always try to leave as much time as possible for our appointments. Our bridal experience appointments are always at least 90 minutes, but we always work with our brides and when we have needed to we have had appointments of three hours or more. We want to make sure that our brides feel relaxed enough to take the time to try on as many gowns as we need to, re try favourites and have a little refresher or break if we need to.



This point has two parts to consider. Firstly the cost of our appointments, all of our appointments are totally free, whether it’s your first, second or third time coming to see us, if it’s for our reorder gowns, sale gowns or accessories it is always free. Secondly is the cost of our gowns. We always carefully consider our collections to make sure that we have something for everyone. Our main collection starts at £800 and our sale gowns start from as little as £150 and are usually all under £500!



We always make sure our brides and their entourage are fully refreshed with plenty of drinks and tasty treats so that you are all ready and raring to find that dream dress. Once all of our brides have also said yes to their dream dress they will also get to take home a little bag of goodies from us. A few treats to help them sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling and excitement of finding the one.